Smurfs Epic Run - Fun Platform Adventure App Reviews

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Ike it a lot its free.



Amazing relax and fun

This is really really fun game..this game make me happy with pleasant graphic love smurfs

Daily Bonus

Wednesday (8/24/16) I logged in to get my daily bonus and play I have been playing for several months now Im on level 116 waiting to go into 117. When I was trying to collect my bonus for day 25 which is 5 golden tickets the game froze and force closed when I logged back in my daily bonus was gone. I never got my 5 golden tickets. I really love this game and enjoy playing it but I am very mad that this happened. Unless this can be fixed I will not rate any higher and will delete.

My favorite game!

This has become my most favorite and addictive game on my devices! The animations are great. There are a few features I love about this game. First, if you die on a certain level you arent always playing the same exact course over and over again until you figure it out. It varies and I like that extra level of difficulty. Then there is the variety of different side games and bonuses you can play. Great game all around!!!


I ❤️ this game

Super game and challenging

I LOVE this game! It customizable as much or as little as you want. You have to try it!!!

update please

in the athletic/stadium stage, cannot get a medal even i completed the condition.


Gioco ben fatto!!!

Dont Get

Every time I tried to go in it just kept crashing and I was like

Update not so great daily gift problems

Like the game but this new update freezes have to restart EVERYTIME I play.....your daily gift whenever anyone I know reach to day thirty automatically takes you back to day one!!!!!!.....

So neat!

This is amazing and nice graphics to boot! I am so happy they got a game to play with smurfs now! The building stuff Im a fan of but I also love gaming so this is perfect! Its simple to understand and has games within the game to further your goals! The challenges are not easy but attainable and I think it will work for the most part ! Just love this and I hope it doesnt disappoint the further I go! Lots of treats in this one guys enjoy! Good job to developers!

Fun but...

I wish the view keeps pace with the smurf i am controlling. It makes judging distance for jumps annoyingly difficult. Otherwise its very fun game.

Epic run

I love this game, I just need friends to get further, message me, and add me please!


Keeps shutting off!

Not Happy

Every time you are struggling to complete a level and a message comes up asking if you are will to watch a video to finish the level using the invincible power up, the app crashes. You watch the video and then when you head back to the game it stutters and the app closes. This option used to work but now it does not.


This game is just that..Fun

Great game

Great game lots of fun for hours

Good game but

The game crashes after watching an ad.the offer is to help me in a stage after watching the ad the game crash it happened like ten times so far !!!!


Macht total spaß

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