Smurfs Epic Run 应用的评论


Sad News

All my progress got deleted I did both regular and ultimate levels of every chapter and I spent over a year on it. The only good news is I still got my portions and characters and machine slot 2 L38. Overall I deleted the game and mite not play it in future.

Complete rip-off

I liked it when I was able to get all of my scratches. They don’t give you them all on the days your suppose to receive them from the daily scratches. I purchased the $2.99 deal for the 30 diamonds a day for 15 days, I only received them for 6, when I purchased this Game April 29th and today is only May 4th!!!!! I won’t purchase anything again.


This game is fun but I do not like that you use energy each level you go too. It should be you lose energy when you die not every time you play a level. Because literally you can only play a couple times and your out of energy.

Epic RunWhat in purchases but some of them expensive I

Also not seen them do screens I can be played I’ve lost my game and all my things in Smurf Village came back and got some things back but not all light houses and some of my Smurfs please try too stop this from happening again would be nice to get some things that I cannot even believe point because it says they’re already placed , bossgg@icolud,com

It’s ok BUT..

The game itself is fun, there’s lots to do even if you run out of energy in the story mode, you can do tournaments and stuff without needing energy. My only issue is, I have lots of games on my phone, and I can play them with no issue, but this game KILLS my battery. Any other game I play on my phone I can play for hours with no issue with my battery, it might drop it down example from 100 to maybe 85-90 after playing for a few hours. I just opened this app to get my daily reward, and my battery dropped from 40% to 11% in literally 5 minutes. I had 50% this morning after forgetting to charge it last night and I’ve been playing another game for about 2 hours before I opened this app and in that time playing the other game it dropped from 50 to 40, in 5 minutes with this one it dropped from 40 to 11 and I wasn’t even actually playing the game I just opened the app to get my daily spin and reward. So idk if it’s something to do with the app or the what, but no other game on my phone does that, and any game I’ve ever had before has never done that. But with the way it kills my battery I can’t really play it unless I’m near a charger because it’s drops down that much that fast.

Love this game

This is my second time playing. Fun game to pass time 👍

Fun to pass time

Hard to find anything that doesn't advertise to death. It's fun, but calm down on the friggin adds guys. Ugh!

Could be a great app!

I love the game, so much that I have cleared every stage / level not once but twice! The programming for this game is horrible. I cringe with every update because it always screws up something. I still cannot access the advanced stages, even though I have cleared everything to perfection. Customer service is a joke. Their Facebook page refers you to their webpage, IF THEY RESPOND TO PROBLEMS AT ALL. Customer service closes a case after four days EVEN if there is no actually closure. You are just poop out of luck. My advice, play as a free gamer and don’t spend a cent. That way you will not be frustrated with how you are treated (like I am).

Like it but....

I am a mom who is not a gamer. My kids and I love this game and on their tablets they have infinite lightning bolts.... on my phone I must pay with lightening bolts to play the next level and to replay. When I run out of these things I would have to watch ads to receive one bolt, while it takes 6or7 to play the next level. Who has time to watch ads to build up their supply of bolts?! Maybe I’m not playing to my advantage but it’s not worth it!

All gone

Opened my app after last update and my entire game is gone. All my smurfs companions rings artifacts and the countless in app purchases I made taken away. No one will respond or fix it! Restore my game or give me my money back!

Many issues with rewards that are not given

Lately the app is not working properly. My smurf earns energy thanks to it companion but at the end of a winning game, the won energy is not added. I just completed a challenge and saved 22 smurfs but the count tells me I only saved 12. It is very frustrating as I wanted to get energy to save the 20 required smurfs, to earn my last 2 keys to get to a prize for 80 keys that would give me the leaves I need to increase the value of one of my smurfs. Sounds maddening? It is! Also the app now regularly shuts off ans gets me back to my phone screen, and of course all pending earnings are lost... Please fix the bugs as I like to play fair, not play in vain.

Update deleted all my info

After I updated it I lost all of my info. It made me start from square one. I’m beyond angry as I spent lots of money and time to get as far as I was. They robbed me and I’m livid.

I still give it a five

It reloaded but w.e. My two year old and I play it all the time. He can beat stage one and two and sometimes other stages with my help. I love a challenge so when it wiped everything out, I accepted it.


This game constantly glitches. The smurf I unlocked has special abilities that don’t work. I wasted half my night playing with this smurf for absolutely nothing! The tech support team make it almost impossible to report a problem, hence the reason behind this review.

So messed up!

I did love this game but after loosing all or most of progress THREE TIMES & messaging app without a response it's just too much. Last time I gave in & connected to my Facebook & STILL LOST ALL KEYS, smurfs saved, gems and most progress & now the app won't even connect to Facebook. It's a shame bc the game was fun but execution of the game is horrible.

PAY UP!! I won 100 gems. Please FIX the TOURNAMENT section of game!!

Last update is horrible on many accounts- now I am unable to get into Tournament section to collect my 100 hard earned gems. This late update has made it harder to win them and there are less available to win. It's a tough tournament but I scored high enough to win 100 gems, but suddenly I am unable to get into the tournament section to collect them. A message keeps popping up saying I need connection to internet. I DO have internet connection and am able to play all other sections of this game. PAY ME MY GEMS!

Fun fun

This is an 👏 game I'm addicted

My son loved this until he lost all of his stuff

My son played this every day and really enjoyed it. We even bought some in-app purchases. Then one day last week the program stopped loading. It finally reloaded today and all of his levels, coins, gems, tickets and Smurfs had gone back to ZERO! He spent the evening crying and screaming about it. I am not sure he should play it any more. He wants me to type how many of each thing he had: level 80, 82 tickets, 200,000 coins, 135 gems, 5 sends, and the following Smurfs: Smurfette, doctor, poet, hefty, dopey, graduate, farmer, handy, wild, rainy day, cook, snappy, chilly, sasette, reporter, papa, painter, lumberjack and he was on the process of getting thief.

Don’t like new update

Have had this game for a while now.... did a tournament this week was waiting for the week to end so I could receive my 100 gems.... new update comes out the night before it’s over... with changes and therefore when I opened it again.... no gems! WTH .... if you are going to do an update wait til the end of your week! Or here’s an idea don’t screw with a good thing.... game was great before now it’s all pushing you toward tournaments.... dumb!


Love it❤️😍😘


I love this game

Its fun

Its fun to play it I have a iPhone SE with ios 11 and only appa from ubisoft makes it hot and drains the battery Plz repair the issue as quick as possible Other people with Se have the same issue This problem still exist even after the update Stil the same problem

Not seeing anything new either????

I love this game but no Halloween stuff coming thru! Very disappointed and still waiting for new levels. Please fix ASAP!

What new things?

The only thing that is different is the picture on the actual “app” on your phone. It says that there is a new world, new Halloween Smurfs to buy, etc. but again only new thing is picture on the poster. Come on, please fix it. I have made it to the stopping point on all levels, I have finished all the little lands, and I am almost at Level 1,000 in the stadium level, I love this game so please fix this problem!! I definitely want another new world, something new!! I get so excited!!! Thanks

Where are the Halloween boards??

The last update said there was new stages, new smurfs but there is nothing. Hopefully they fix the issue


Wrost game I ever play

Mario and Sonic

Fun game that reminds me of Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog all rolled into one. I haven't gotten very far but already it's addicting.

it was good

it was my favorite game,i was very addicted but after the last 4 updates i lost from collect the 3 boxes i had payed and now it asks me to give gems to open them again!!!! so i need to pay to get all those gems! when playing in dark stages to get the key the black blinks so its hard to play,when i try the new wheel of fortune after 3-4 times of spinning the game force closes and last its full of ads....every time you play the ads pop before ubisoft got the game it was 5 stars...then it started to decrease and for me now its only 1 star....i could give 0 stars but i cant....


Best platform game since Mario brothers!

I love this game but...

I personally love this game however when I try and open the app it will just close so they need to fix that

Kinda aggravated

I have lost two tickets and my ranking is not listed b/c the game has crashed. Fix the crashes b/c until then I won't waste my tickets. Completely unacceptable

All purchases lost when relaunching app

I had to relaunch the app on my phone, and all purchases were gone. I spent over $15 and all money is lost. That is not fair. The app should allow users keep their purchases. It is connected to iTunes therefore the account links to a unique user.

Love it

This game rocks!!!!

Epic Run

I started playing pretty great so far!




It's a great game, but it's so hard to get energy, and the companions are taking to much time.

Fun game

I just wish it didnt take so long to charge back up

Money grab

This is terrible. I've got a runner and his name is Mario. For everyone complaining about Marios $10 price tag why don't you price how much it is to buy Smurfette and let me know.

fun game

i like it

I like it

It is amazing game


I love this game



Poor updates

The updates are seldom without issues. If you switch devices, you lose all progress and the website is of no use. I really like the game, but have been forced to start completely over after spending money on smurfs that I lost and gem, etc...


It is fun! Rcourtney, maybe something is wrong with your device

Good times

Great fun


Update: another update and still can't listen to audio while playing. Disappointed This game is fun. Two things. One, the side games need to be cleaned up. They are confusing and all over the place. Two, PLEASE! I need to be able to listen to audio while playing. I'd play it more if I could.


Very good game

I won't pay a dime so I end up stuck and bored

I find it ridiculous that this game even offers "deals" that cost $99+. If you just play and are very patient, you'll get far without paying a dime. This game makes you wait hours even when you complete levels on the first try. Levels are pretty easy. There are better, totally free, less frustrating alternatives to this out there.

Smurfs are awesome

Love the game. Need more energy to play a little longer. Awesome. Glade this game was made💯

Varay good gone


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